Hydrotray Single 12" module - Green Window Box Kit
Our Price: $55.00
Our Price: $110.00
Single pot Hydrotray is ideal for larger plants. Carefree Window boxes for your herbs, ornamentals and smaller varieties.
13mm -> 4mm cross with screw capped barbs (5 pack) Window Box Module
Our Price: $21.00
Our Price: $63.00
Reducer fitting in a cross configuration. For 13mm tubing reduced down to 4mm. Fitting has barbs for the tubing, which is then secured with a screw cap.

As used in Jim Fah's commercial farms for a more secure fitting to handle pressure and reduced leakages.

Pack of 5.

* Use with green blanking knobs to close off any unused 4mm outlets
Carefree Self Watering Window boxes for your herbs, flowers and vertical garden..
Hydroponics Made Easy Book 3rd Edition - by Jim Fah Smart Dripper
Our Price: $25.00
Our Price: $43.00
Hydroponics Made Easy Book - by Jim Fah Ideal for growing fruit trees in pots or in poor soil areas.