AutoPot Nutrient 2.5L A/B Pair Ecocube LED hydroponic system mini smart pot
Ecocube LED hydro system
Our Price: $210.00
Mini Smart Pot
Our Price: $45.00
. . .
Smart Valve Box 8 Pot Kit Hydroponics Made Easy Book 3rd Edition - by Jim Fah
Smart-valve Box
Our Price: $14.80
8 Pot Kit
Our Price: $240.00
. .
Large Smart Pot Window Box Kit Square Basket
Large Smart Pot
Our Price: $45.00
Window Box Kit
Our Price: $110.00
AutoPot Square Basket
Our Price: $48.00
. . .

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The GardenSmart shop is the retail outlet for the full range of AutoPotâ„¢ products and Hydroponic supplies. Situated in the GardenWorld Nursery Complex, it is the larges garden complex in the Southern Hemisphere. It has a display of AutoPot Systems with over 500 plants throughout the complex. It boasts a spectacular display of Orchids in Spring, cascading Petunias in Summer and a display of tomatoes all year round.


810 Springvale Road,

Braeside, VIC 3195, AUSTRALIA


(03) 9701 8811