Hydrotray Single 12" module - Black 8 Pot Kit
Our Price: $55.00
Our Price: $240.00
Black Hydrotray 12" is ideal for larger plants. Great for beginners new to the Autopot System who wants to start with a larger system and save.
Smart-valve Box Hydrotray Single 12" module - Green
Our Price: $14.80
Our Price: $55.00
The Smart-valve box is a casing that allows you to locate the Smart-valve in any tray to regulate the water level for your own tray setups. Now you can benefit from the versatility of a wet-dry cycle in any tray and pot configuration you like.

Features of the Smart-valve box;
- Smart-valve is encased to reduce debris from potentially fouling the operation of the valve.
- Root control mesh at the base of the box allows water to flow in and out, whilst limiting root intrusion to the Smart-valve.
- suitable for use with the regular Smart-valve or Mini Smart-valve (note Mini requires an adaptor - please specify when ordering)
- Simply place the box in it's location and place a weight over the top to secure in place and let the Smart-valve deliver plant driven feeding and watering!

Click on the pictures to see practical solutions when using the Smart-valve box - in these examples, large trays are serviced by a single Smart-valve box delivering wet-dry sub-irrigation to ornamentals in multiple large pots and grow bags.

* Note Smart-valve as pictured not included - price includes box and root mesh only.
Single pot Hydrotray is ideal for larger plants.
Smart Dripper Hydropak Starter Kit
Our Price: $43.00
Our Price: $108.00
Ideal for growing fruit trees in pots or in poor soil areas. An ideal way to get started with Autopot Systems!