Autopot Systems ~ The "Plant Driven" Concept.

To each according to its needs Autopot Systems are designed so that the individual plants in their individual containers can dictate when they get their water, according to their needs. Hydrotrays are our most popular product. They allow the feeding and watering of plants according to the size of the variety of plant you wish to grow. Select the model for more info;

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12" Tray Insert Hydrotray Single 12" Module - Black Hydrotray Double 10" module
12" Tray Insert
Our Price: $6.50
. . .
Hydropak Starter Kit 8 Pot Kit Hydrotray Single 4 pot kit
Hydropak Starter Kit
Our Price: $108.00
8 Pot Kit
Our Price: $240.00
. . .
Intermediate 20 Pot Kit
Intermediate 20 Pot Kit
Our Price: $540.00