Smart-valve Box AutoPot Square Basket
Our Price: $14.80
Our Price: $48.00
The Smart-valve box is a casing that allows you to locate the Smart-valve in any tray to regulate the water level for your own tray setups. Now you can benefit from the versatility of a wet-dry cycle in any tray and pot configuration you like. AutoPot Square Basket for even bigger plants!
Features a convenient flip down saucer for easy access to the Smart-valve.

Hanging Basket Hydroponics Made Easy Book 3rd Edition - by Jim Fah
Our Price: $39.00
Our Price: $25.00
As it is Autopot there is zero run-off, so there is no dripping. No hand watering is required and so easy! Hydroponics Made Easy Book - by Jim Fah
Smart-Valve Hydrotray Double 10" module
Our Price: $27.50
Our Price: $55.00
The Smart-valve, the heart of AutoPot Systems. Hydrotray Double 10"