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Smart-valve Box
Our Price: $14.80
Pack of 10 replacement silicon for the Smart-valve.

Suitable for top and bottom floats for all Smart-valve versions EXCEPT Smart-valve Mk2 bottom float. For the Mk2 bottom float, select "Smart-valve MK2 bottom float replacement silicon" instead.
Pack of 10 replacement bottom float silicon for the Smart-valve MK2 only.

For the MK2 top float, and all other versions of the Smart-valve, select the regular "Smart-valve replacement silicon" item instead.
The Smart-valve box is a casing that allows you to locate the Smart-valve in any tray to regulate the water level for your own tray setups. Now you can benefit from the versatility of a wet-dry cycle in any tray and pot configuration you like.
Our Price: $27.50
The Smart-valve, the heart of AutoPot Systems.